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int'l affairs: Artikel und Informationen zu Europa (4 Artikel)
Stop the ban!No to prohibition - be solidly behind Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic!
Dear comrades of the Communist Youth of the Czech Republic We were deeply shocked about the recent ban of your Youth Organization. We live in a country in which the organization more deutsch
25.10.2006 • By group-3
Dissolution of the KSM October 16, 2006Czech Republic, Ministry of Interior officially dissolves KSM
KSM, Czech Republic Dissolution of the KSM October 16, 2006Dear Comrades,The Communist Youth Union (KSM) in the Czech Republic has been officially dissolved by the state power more deutsch español français Русско
18.10.2006 • 3 Kommentare • By Komunistický Svaz Mládeže
Statement of the KSMProhibition campaign against Czech Communist Youth Union
"The representatives of the KSM that was given an ultimatum to respond to the attack of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic until March 3, 2006 have met a vice-minister more deutsch
05.08.2006 • ein Kommentar • By Komunistický Svaz Mládeže
Ban on Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic?No to prohibition - be solidly behind Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic!
In the following www.secarts.de is publishing a solidarity advertisement of the Communist Youth Union of Czech Republic - sign in here!Dear comrades,We are writing to inform more deutsch
21.02.2006 • 8 Kommentare • By secarts